Cornerstone Church of Eastport, Maine

Cornerstone Church

       Pastor, Russell Fletcher

     112 County Road

     Eastport, Maine 04631

  (207) 853-4208


Cornerstone Church of Eastport is a vibrant, loving evangelical church where the Lord Jesus Christ is central to all that we do. In fact, our mission/vision statement is:

To know Christ, and to make Him known, through worship, love, and service.

In fact, we take this vision very seriously, using a dual approach to ministry. First, we seek to know the Lord better by the faithful expository preaching of the Word of God, which includes regular, in-depth teaching on various biblical and theological subjects. Second, making Christ known to those who have not yet encountered the beauty of the gospel is what shapes all of our interactions with the community. Our approach is primarily to exhibit the love of Christ to all with whom we come into contact. This is being missional: deliberately and strategically approaching every day of life, and every encounter in each day, with the attitude that God may be glorified and a searching soul may come to new life because of my words, actions, and, most of all, my love.

Discipleship is fundamental to achieving our mission, and we believe that it involves much more than simply attending worship services and Sunday School. At Cornerstone, every sermon will include a clear presentation of the path to salvation, a focused exposition of a selected Bible text, and clear life application of that text. A big part of discipleship involves our Connection Groups, small groups which meet in local homes. Here Christian community is built and relationships flourish, along with probing and life-changing discussions. Our ministry to one another and to others happens most effectively in these small groups, mini-churches, if you will. Each week the Sunday School lesson, the Sunday preaching message, the Wednesday prayer meeting, and the various Connection Groups, are all based on the same theme. Whatever the Pastor’s sermon message is for that week will be reexamined and discussed at Sunday School, prayer meeting, and Groups, perhaps reinforcing the main sermon points or looking at a related issue. Thus, each week’s theme is reinforced and repeated at least three times. Learning and life change more easily happens when important topics are so reinforced.

Being outwardly focused in service and God-focused in worship are important to us. Christ is the head of this church and it is to Him we owe all honor, glory, praise, and thanksgiving. Because of what Jesus did for us at the cross, we lovingly and graciously strive to ‘be’ Jesus to everyone, without prejudging. It is the church’s responsibility to carry out the Great Commission, to go out to all the world with the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, baptizing, and teaching. We understand that the church cannot sit back and wait for the lost world to come through our doors; our message and our lives must be an attractive thing that will draw people to Christ.

Cornerstone Church of Eastport is not sitting still, simply waiting around for Christ’s return. It is critical that we be found obedient when He comes. If you are looking for a church home that is serious about the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, dedicated to spreading the gospel, and surrendered to worship, love and service, then come visit or email Pastor Russ if you have questions. His email address is

Cornerstone was constructed in 2005 on the island of Eastport, Maine, the most easterly city in the United States. Although the Cornerstone Church building is relatively new, the church itself was started in 1802 in the old meeting house on Smith’s corner in the north end of town. It was later housed in the building that is currently the Barracks Museum and from the mid 1800’s to 2004 was housed in the building formerly known as The Washington Street Baptist Church. Our church is affiliated with the Baptist Convention of New England and the Southern Baptist Convention.  The Cornerstone facility is 7500 square feet of building space located on 15 acres of land on the corner of County Road and Clark Street. The sanctuary has a seating capacity of 169 and has “state of the art” sound and video capability. The Fellowship wing has a large fellowship hall, 5 classrooms, two offices, a nursery, full-service kitchen, utilities room, and a storage area. The heating system is radiant in-floor.  Designed by the people of the church in 2004, the facility can easily be expanded if necessary and has been laid out to incorporate a future gymnasium. It is our desire to introduce people to Christ, provide teaching and love, and minister to our community. Click on our “Mission Statement” to learn more about our goals, and our “Statement of Faith” to learn more about what we believe.